Denied Boarding (Overselling of flights)

Wasaya Airways must look for volunteers from all confirmed passenger before denied boarding may occur.

In the unlikely event of denied boarding within Wasaya Airways’ control a passenger may be entitled to compensation. Below is a table outlining the timelines of impact to the customer and associated compensation rates:

Please Note - Compensation will NOT be issued if the passenger is being refused travel:

  • For health, safety of flight or security reasons;
  • For failing to follow carrier rules;
  • Because a passenger does not have appropriate travel documents; or
  • The passenger has failed to respect check-in and departure gate cut-off time limits.

Delay to original arrival time and compensation amounts

Optional: Travel voucher offered

0-6 hours

$900 CAD

$1200 Wasaya travel voucher

6-9 hours

$1800 CAD

$2400 Wasaya travel voucher

9+ hours

$2400 CAD

$3200 Wasaya travel voucher

Wasaya will issue the compensation amount within 48 hours Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

For more information pertaining to Denied Boarding, please refer to the Scheduled Domestic Tariff.