Travel Tips for Travelling in the North

Northwestern Ontario is a wonderful, diverse region to reside or to visit. Whether travelling to a community festival, or to a business meeting in a larger city center, there are many things that should be taken into consideration while travelling in the north.

Wasaya Airways strongly encourages all of our customers to dress for the season at hand - whether winter or summer. Since weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable, it is best to be prepared. In the winter, the ambient temperature can range from -10 to -25 (depending on location) and a wind chill factor of -40 can be expected. In such conditions, the average person's skin begins to freeze at a wind chill of -25. To protect yourself against such cold, it is recommended to dress accordingly with proper footwear, outer clothing layers, hats and gloves.

We also recommend to our guests to pack an overnight bag with basic necessities, even for one day business travel. Delays may occur due to natural occurrences ranging from extreme weather conditions throughout the year to forest fires in the summer. 

In the north it is beneficial to be prepared.