Wasaya Airways is equipped to transport numerous goods such as food, clothing, hardware, building materials, gasoline, heating fuel, boats, motors, snowmachines, medical supplies, school and office supplies.  With over 25 years experience in doing such, Wasaya Airways is the main provider of freight and fuel delivery services in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.  Our fleet of Hawker Siddeley 748’s and Caravan C208B’s provide the versatility and dependability that are required for the extreme weather conditions and short runway lengths that are encountered when flying in the north.

Smaller parcels and envelopes can be shipped through our Sioux Lookout base on via our Scheduled Passenger Service. Please see Passenger Services for information.

Cargo Acceptance Questionnaire 

It is the responsibility of cargo agent/shipping clerk to ensure a formal acceptance is followed and completed for all cargo shipments. Company trained employees must ask the customer(s) to fill out “cargo acceptance questionnaire” before accepting any cargo.

A cargo acceptance questionnaire is a safeguard set up by the company to ensure the safety of our passengers and our aircrafts. Shippers must complete the questionnaire correctly. The main function of our cargo staff/shipping clerk is to inspect the shipments and documentation to ensure everything is in order.  

Cooler/Freezer - Fragile Articles 

Fragile/perishables/frozen cargo shipments must be appropriately identified by the customer as fragile. (Perishables and frozen have a designated area – cooler for the perishables and frozen items are stored in the freezer) The customer must advise the cargo agent which items are marked frozen & perishable. 

Refusal Of Shipments

Cargo Agents Shall Refuse Any Consignment Based On The Following;

  • When customer refuses to fill out “cargo acceptance questionnaire”
  • If it is not properly packed and/so may cause damage to the aircraft
  • If it is not packed according to the applicable packaging requirements (e.g for dangerous articles, live animals, etc.)
  • If the shipment is damaged
  • Non payment

Methods Of Payments Are As Follows:

  • Credit card/debit card
  • Cash 
  • On account – (if you have an account with the company) 

Acceptance Of Shipments

  • Shipments tendered to Wasaya Airways LP will be subject to a maximum one hour cut-off.
  • Shipments of dangerous goods, as described in the IATA dangerous goods regulations must be tendered not less than 2 hours prior to scheduled departure of the flight on which space has been reserved.
  • Shipments may travel either prepaid or charge to an approved Wasaya Airways LP account.
  • Confirmed on-line (Wasaya Airways LP connecting flights only) connections will be provided, (except for dangerous goods).

Handling Procedures 

  • Shipper or agent tenders shipment to the cargo office a minimum of one hour prior to flight departure, (two hours for dangerous goods).
  • Shipment weight is checked against the reservation. if shipment weight is in excess of the amount reserved, one of the following alternatives would be taken:
    • If space is still available on the requested flight, the whole shipment including excess would be confirmed.
    • If space is not available for the excess, then only the weight originally reserved would be moved on the flight requested. the remaining part would be documented onto a new air waybill and moved either as general or a freight seat (shipper’s choice) on the next available flight.
    • If the excess cannot be separated from the rest of the shipment, (e.g. a single piece shipment), then the whole shipment will not be accepted as a freight seat on the requested flight. however, it could be accepted as general cargo or confirmed as a freight seat on the next available flight.
    • If no advance reservations have been made, space would have to be confirmed before accepting the shipment.
    • The shipping document must be marked freight seat and the requested flight/date must be documented on the air waybill.
    • Pieces of the shipment are to carry a freight seat label marked with the flight and date reserved and cross references the reservation number.
    • If required, ramp connections will be provided and coordinated by the origin station.
    • Shipments are to be identified on baggage carts to facilitate loading on the ramp.

Dangerous Goods Acceptance Hours

  • Dangerous goods shipments will be processed Monday through Friday between 10:00am to 3:00pm.
  • Dangerous goods shipment will only be loaded on the next available flight, if shipment is processed two hours prior to departure time.

 Thunder Bay Cargo

317 Hector Dougall Way
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 3N9

Cargo Office:

Cargo Fax:


Monday to Friday                     7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday                                    Closed
Sunday                                      Closed

Sioux Lookout Cargo

21 Airport Road

PO Box 1348

Sioux Lookout, ON

P8T 1B8

Cargo Office:

Cargo Fax:


Monday to Friday                      6:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday                                    Closed
Sunday                                       Closed

Pickle Lake Cargo

6 Airport Road

PO Box 308
Pickle Lake, ON  

P0V 3A0


Cargo Office:
1-833-927-3165. (Option 1)

Cargo Fax:

Monday to Friday                    6:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday                                  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Red Lake Cargo

2508 Hwy 105

PO Box 188
Cochenour, ON  

P0V 1L0


Cargo Office:
1-833-927-3165 (Option 2)

Cargo Fax:

Monday to Friday                   8:00 am - 4:30 pm