Fuel Service

Wasaya supplies and delivers both Diesel Fuel (UN 1202) and Unleaded Fuel (Gas Oil - UN 1203).

Delivery Locations

As with Wasaya's freight delivery locations, our fuel deliveries are coordinated out of Pickle Lake base. The following are the fuel delivery locations:


Bearskin Lake 
Eabametoong (Fort Hope) 
Fort Severn 
Kasabonika Lake 
Kingfisher Lake 
Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (Big Trout Lake) 
Muskrat Dam 
Neskantaga (Lansdowne House) 
Nibinamik (Summer Beaver)
Ogoki Post (Marten Falls)
Wapekeka (Angling Lake) 
Wunnumin Lake
Cat Lake 
Deer Lake
North Spirit Lake
Poplar Hill
Sachigo Lake
Sandy Lake


Island Lake (Garden Hill)
Red Sucker Lake
St. Theresa Point


Wasaya will provide the customer with an all inclusive price (which includes the cost of the fuel, delivery and other associated costs). Please see the section below for Bulk Fuel Suppliers. 

Wasaya does provide rates for drum fuel deliveries (as they are shipped as freight) either by the freight rate per pound or charter rate - whichever is the most cost-effective for the customer. Please contact the appropriate base for further information.

Fuel Orders

All fuel orders must be placed with Wasaya, who in turn will coordinate the order. Fuel is shipped once the order has been processed. Due to the volume of orders received, Wasaya recommends placing orders early with the supplier, with a minimum of five (5) day lead time, in order to coordinate and schedule your fuel delivery. 

Bulk Fuel Suppliers

Please contact Wasaya for all your fuel needs and cased goods. Wasaya also works with other fuel suppliers and is equipped to ship bulk fuel near and far.

Contact: salesteam@wasaya.com

Delivery Schedule

Fuel is delivered by Wasaya, 7 days a week, day and / or night, based on order volume. Once Wasaya receives the order from the supplier, the delivery is scheduled by our Pickle Lake Base. Because of the volume of orders received, scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis and is subject to slot availability. Customers are reminded that proper planning and ordering of fuel in advance will ensure that fuel is delivered in a timely fashion.

Once the order has been scheduled, the Wasaya Pickle Lake or Red Lake dispatch office will contact the customer for coordination of delivery.

Off-Loading Fuel

Fuel is off-loaded at the arrival destination into approved mobiles, stationary tanks or tank trucks. Mobiles and tank trucks must be completely empty in order to receive the load. Fuel cannot be loaded into drums.

Drum Fuel

Fuel in drums can also be delivered by our Caravan and Hawker Siddeley aircraft and are treated as freight. Please contact our Pickle Lake or Red Lake base for additional information.