Cessna C208B Caravan

Wasaya Airways L.P. depends on the (Grand) Caravan C208B in order to meet the needs of our customers in Northwestern Ontario. The Caravan is a versatile passenger, freight, and bulk fuel delivery aircraft. The Caravan can be configured for 1 to 9 passengers with double and/or single seats designed for passenger comfort. The cargo capacity of the Caravan is approximately 3000 pounds.

Wasaya Airways operates four Caravans from our Pickle Lake and Red Lake bases. Throughout the year, the Caravan is utilized for freight movements from each base to approximately 21 First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario. In the winter months, the Caravans also complete fuel hauls to these communities for power generation. The Caravans are busy throughout the summer months with the regular freight and mail runs, and also with the movement of passengers for community festivals, events, conferences and fire-fighting services. Most recently, Wasaya has been utilizing the Caravan to complete scheduled passenger routes from Red Lake.

The cruise speed of the Caravan is 160 knots. The wingspan is 52 feet, 1 inch, with an overall aircraft length of 41 feet, 7 inches. The cabin length is 15 feet, 8 inches, with a width of 5 feet, 3 inches and a height of 4 feet, 6 inches.

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To discover more about the Cessna C208B, visit the Cessna website.