Freight Service

Freight arrives from points south by transport truck to our staging stations in Pickle Lake and Red Lake.  From here, freight is delivered year round to our customers in over 25 First Nation communities in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba.  Wasaya Airways offers refrigeration for frozen and/or perishable items and also temperate storage areas at both of our base locations. 

If you require a freight quotation please complete our on-line Freight Quote Form [Develop Form] and a representative from our Pickle Lake or Red Lake base will address your request.

Land Transportation

Freight is delivered by transport to the Wasaya Pickle Lake and Red Lake bases from points south.  The following are companies who offer ground transportation of freight goods to the Wasaya Airways bases and their respective frequency.

Pickle Lake

Manitoulin - Monday to Friday
Gardewine - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Red Lake

Manitoulin - Monday to Friday
Gardewine - Monday to Friday

Delivery Locations

The following is a listing of communities serviced by each of the Pickle Lake and Red Lake bases:

Pickle Lake

Bearskin Lake 
Eabametoong (Fort Hope) 
Fort Severn 
Kasabonika Lake 
Kingfisher Lake 
Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (Big Trout Lake) 
Muskrat Dam 
Neskantaga (Lansdowne House) 
Nibinamik (Summer Beaver) 
Wapekeka (Angling Lake) 
Wunnumin Lake

Red Lake

Cat Lake 
Deer Lake 
North Spirit Lake 
Poplar Hill 
Sachigo Lake 
Sandy Lake

Island Lake 
Red Sucker Lake 
St. Theresa Point 
Wasagamack (serviced through Island Lake Airport)

Delivery Schedule

Freight is delivered at least 5 days a week, with weekend service available as required.  Each base has a particular delivery day for each community. Please contact the appropriate base for delivery days as the frequency is subject to change based on freight volumes received.


As all of our customer needs are individual, please contact the appropriate freight base to obtain rates or submit your request via our on-line form.  Freight rates are provided by the pound.  Some items, such as snowmachines and canoes, are subject to a flat rate.


Please clearly label all freight with complete information such as destination, name and phone of both the shipper and consignee.   Use labels such as "Fragile", "Frozen", "Perishable" or orientation labels as required.  Please ensure that old labels are removed in the event that recycled boxes are used.  Dangerous Goods items must be labelled properly in accordance to their appropriate standards.  Please see the Dangerous Goods section for more information.


Wasaya Airways recommends that items are packed in durable containers or boxes, as items often exchange many hands before arriving at their destination.  Dangerous Goods items must be packaged according to their appropriate standards.  Please see the Dangerous Goods section for more information

Backhaul / Station to Station

Wasaya Airways will transport items out of the First Nation communities to Pickle Lake or Red Lake for furtherance to points south.  For items to be transported to another community, the item will be brought out to the appropriate base and forwarded to another community.  Rates and/or restrictions can be obtained by contacting the Pickle Lake or Red Lake freight offices. 

Smaller Freight

Smaller parcels and envelopes can be shipped through our Sioux Lookout base via our scheduled passenger network.

Freight on Wasaya Airways passenger service flights is carried on a space available basis only; excluding perishable goods for which prior arrangements must be made.  In the event that space is not available, Wasaya Airways will store the freight until space becomes available for it to be shipped.  All shipping charges are to be paid at the time of acceptance.

Wasaya Airways reserves the right to refuse any freight for shipping without explanation.  Baggage or freight not properly packaged will not be shipped.

Wasaya Airways liability for any single shipment is limited to $ 10.00 unless a declared valuation is completed and freight paid for.  Lost or damage of freight must be reported to Wasaya Airways within 12 hours of shipment.

Live Animals and household pets

Wasaya Airways will accept household pets such as Dogs or Cats for carriage as checked baggage to all our destinations but not as part of the free baggage allowance.  A handling fee is charged as extra handling is required.  Kennels are not to be accepted as part of the free allowance.  If pets are not in suitable approved containers, they will be refused carriage.  Wasaya will accept pets on a space available basis only.

Due to the lack of temperature control in the rear cargo hold of the B1900D and PC12 aircraft a limited liability release waiver must be completed by the shipper of all animals.  Temperatures can drop well below freezing in these areas even though the passenger cabin is comfortable.  Due to the changing altitude temperatures, the waiver is required all year round.

  • Arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance, (the shipper being responsible for making the arrangements)
  • Animals should be odorless, harmless and inoffensive
  • Animals must be properly caged (for the animals safety)
  • Cages must be leak proof
  • Pet owners are completely responsible for the live animal
  • Live animals will not be checked beyond point of transfer to another carrier
  • Pets may not be interlined (to another carrier)  Shipper is responsible for rechecking the animal in with the other carrier and should check with the other carrier on any conditions of carriage.
  • Pets are limited to one per cage.

Contact Wasaya directly for further information regarding the shipment of live animals.

Dangerous Goods Acceptance Hours of Operation

If you have a shipment that you wish to send to a customer, please refer to the following hours of operation:

Thunder Bay Hangar
8:00 am–4:00 pm (Local time) Monday to Friday only

Sioux Lookout Hangar
8:00 am–4:00 pm (Local time) Monday to Friday only

Red Lake Hangar
7:00 am–4:00 pm (Local time) Monday to Friday only

Pickle Lake Hangar
7:00 am–4:00 pm (Local time) Monday to Friday only

Dangerous goods shipments will only be accepted at the locations listed. We will not accept dangerous goods at any of our ticket counters located in the terminal buildings or office facilities.