Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake First Nation is one of the original eight communities which started the company in 1986. Elder Albert Mamakwa had a vision to help the young people and he wanted to see the First Nation communities get involved in business ventures.

Today, Kingfisher Lake is a tremendous supporter of Wasaya and a proud owner.

Current Chief & Council
Chief Eddie Mamakwa
Deputy Chief Verna Aganash
Head Councillor Isaac Sainnawap
Councillor Samuel Sturgeon
Councillor Amos Mamakwa
as of February 2017

Kingfisher First Nation is located 350 kilometres north of Sioux Lookout. It is accessible by air all year round, waterways during summer and ice roads in winter. The total registered population is approximately 500 people, of which the on-reserve population is 460.

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